Friday, October 16, 2009

10 Day Countdown to ND vs USC the very last minute.

So, just in case you're procrastinating...

I figured a 10-day YouTube countdown was a good way to get myself pumped for the SC game, considering I can't be out at 2AM writing things on the sidewalks and all.

Here's the countdown, for your pleasure:

10. SI Photo Gallery --
Top 10 moments in the ND/USC rivalry:

9. 1973 -- Eric Penick's 85-yard touchdown run against the Trojans:

8. 1986 -- during the decade of dominance -- Milt Jackson TD catch:

7. No. 1 Notre Dame vs No. 2 USC, 1988. Video proof that "V for Victory" actually means "#2 behind the Irish." I can't tell what I like more about this video, the cheesy music or the 80's cheerleader hairdos....

6. "The Greatest College Football Rivalry" Fan-made video leading up to this year's matchup...I found it pretty entertaining. Though I maintain that USC doesn't actually have 11 national championships, and also that ND deserves to have 8 Heisman trophies. But whatever.

5. Old School... The ND/SC rivalry in 1946, 1947, and 1948.

4. Continuing the Old School history... #1 ND vs #17 USC in the 1949 matchup

3. GET ANGRY -- 1971 BRAWL between the Trojans and the Irish...

2. Get ready for REVENGE... The painful 2005 loss that the Pac-10 refs will never be able to give back to us no matter how many "Bush Push" penalties they fail to call on us against Washington.

1. Classic 1977 Green Jersey game -- including the epic Trojan horse:


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