Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Shirt 2010

The Shirt 2010: "We are the Fighting Irish."

It's green. Good choice.

The design doesn't exactly make you go "ooh" and "ahh," but it's nice and clean and it gets the job done.

The longer I'm away from ND, the more I appreciate all the live coverage and free video posted by During football season, they kept me afloat with press conference and pep rally coverage, and over the past few weeks, their coverage of spring practice has worked like a nicotine patch to help ease my football withdrawal.

Now it's a long dry summer of waiting, of course, but props to for helping to keep me sane thus far, and for closing out spring practice with a lovely little clip of the "Shirt" unveiling, plus live streaming coverage of the Blue-Gold game.

Only four months til football season (give or take). So as this year's Shirt says, "Rally sons of Notre Dame...onward to victoryyyyy!" (Okay, so some of the extra "y"s might be mine, but whatever.)

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