Saturday, September 6, 2014

Game Day Scavenger Hunt: Michigan Week

Game Day Scavenger Hunt

It's a long way to kickoff. You should tweet me pictures of your ND-Michigan game day preparations @shamrockhead

See if you can capture any of these gems:
-Cars plastered with Notre Dame paraphernalia
-People painted entirely green
-People wearing kilts (who aren't the Irish Guard)
-People dressed up as nuns and priests
-Wait...actual nuns and priests
-People taking Touchdown Jesus pictures in front of Touchdown Jesus
-Tailgates with pirate flags
-Someone wearing outrageously tricked-out Notre Dame tennis shoes (I know at least one person who has a pair)
-Someone who's converted an XXL version of "The Shirt" into a dress
-Dogs wearing spirit gear (not that I generally condone dogs wearing people clothing--I am just saying)
-The person wearing the most rally beads
-A bloody mary with an absurd amount of garnish
-Notre Dame fans photobombing Michigan fans
-People dressed up like leprechauns (who aren't the actual leprechaun)
-Random road signs (or, you know, Burger King signs) cheering on the Irish
-The tailgate that looks most like a formal banquet
-Food purposely shaped like footballs. Or shamrocks.
-Muck Fichigan shirts
-Anything so ridiculous it must be photographed
-Anyone not on campus who is still tailgating like a boss

Send them to me @shamrockhead and I will compile them into a Game Day Photo Post.  Dooooo ittttttttttt.

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